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Friday, October 15, 2004

wooops, we're moving! =)
just finished our new blog awhile ago, and will be posting there right after this post ;p please change your bookmarks to..


thanks ;p why friend-less? it's not friendless mind you, but rather "friend" "less". less friends, to put it succinctly. aren't we all losing friends and making more acquaintances constantly? hiaks.

and yep at the very least, you'll be spared the agony of reading ONLY my posts ;p
stan'll be posting as well, and he tends to have a better grip on the definition of humor in terms of writing.

see you all there, and i hope you all will keep on reading!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

i've literally glued my bum to my chair after dinner, debugging and figuring out how to code the damn javascript/css and make it work with normal html tables. i think i've burnt a ten hours on this shit already. and yep, it's for the new blog layout! =) more than halfway done, waiting for stan's portion to be done but the bugger's gone to sleep -.-

*mutters darkly about wastage of life on sleep*

anyway, it'll be hosted on a new url ;p will post it here after i'm done heheh. stan and i'll be taking turns to post on it so expect to see alot more updates ;p i think. and yes.. the background's NOT black! miraculous eh? haha.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

and once again..
kena fly kite ;p
- qin has something on, so no more movie for him.
- after an interval of almost a week, ls finally replied saying she can't make it for the movie. waliao.. thanks man, i think i waited only till the actual day of the preview la eh? typical behaviour tho, not like 'tis the first time. but no thanks man, last straw for me. never gonna ask her out for anything ever, brrr. got better things to do than hang my schedule up in mid-air again.

lucky stan's free to watch, else it would've been quite a waste of the ticket. we popped into the theatre early and got good seats, and i pointed out the single empty seats to him.

"imagine if we came in later, we'll be sitting separate liao lor. either that or we'll be sitting on the staircase." i chuckled while leaning back and forth on the seats; amazingly comfortable ;p tho not as comfy as cineleisure.

the show is definitely a remake of those oldtimer shows; completely brainless ;p however, the cgi effects are nothing to laugh about, really kewl. full marks for visual effects but close to zero for storyline, if you excluded the punchlines delivered by gwyneth paltrow and jude law. that's the only funny part in the movie, watching them bicker over their relationship =)

there was this moron behind me guffawing as if he was watching a comedy or something, wheezing and gasping in laughter at every damned scene. gee, i think every movie needs a few idiots to provide noise pollution. *rolls eyes*

supper @ bedok interchange food center, hokkien mee + orh lua + sugarcane juice. the hokkien mee there is definitely better than that bloody stall near my workplace, that's all i can say. the orh lua leaves more to be desired though; looks like he did the eggs and the 'ham' separately and lumped 'em together in the plate.

and i've continued to readup and practice on photoshop, sigh. so many stuff to learn, but i've got time. the only problem's inspiration at this point. read practice read practice..

Monday, October 11, 2004

whaddaya know?
in 5 more days.. it's gonna be a year since i started this blog ;p 1st anniversary, woohoo! (big deal.)
how time flies, literally. and i was still in the last stage of being an nsf, enjoying my leave period. how distant army life has become now; i'm not even sure when i'm gonna go back to camp for ict even, laugh. hopefully never.

switched my blog from private to public just now too, hmm. wonder howmuch difference that'll make in the page views. we'll see ;p

nowadays most of my time's spent sprawling on my bed reading books from eddings' malloreon series, and nothing much else. complacency is starting to set in.. think it's time i thought of new things to do.

i should start on redesigning my blog for one ;p it's starting to look like shit to me for some reason.
- white or black bg this time round? maybe stick to black ;p iam tandem's already white enough.
- i can't display the garfield and dilbert strips on my posts, since the width isn't big enough for those. one point to take into consideration.. keep the post window at a width of 620px at least hmm.
- then again, should i size it for 800x600 desktops?
- maybe i should just share a blog with stan; saves us designing two layouts hmm? we can post as separate users anyway. ideaa..
no ideas floating about for now though, maybe draw it out later after supper.

last night qin was talking about designing a webpage for his company and asking for my help on that hmm. flattered, but brain's empty now, no inspiration for the theme ;p not to mention i haven't seriously thought about howmuch to charge.

alritey, i'm flat out on crap to spew. more rants later; time for backup!

pang layang
pang layang (singlish) - kite-flying in everyday English, or 放风筝 in Mandarin.
pronounced in a straightforward manner as (pa-ng) (la-yang)

1. refers to the recreational activity, the literal action of letting a physical kite fly in the air. A good location to enjoy the abovementioned activity would be at Marina South.

2. Singaporean colloquialism, taken to mean standing another person up for a certain activity or meeting, oft at the last minute. Frequent doers would be referred to as "pilots", since the term 放飞机 (put plane: Singaporean expression) is used in a similar context as well.


alright, enough of the self-composed dictionary entry ;p it was supposed to be an introduction that's all.

i just realised (once again) how enormously irritated i get whenever people fly kite at the last possible minute.. and yeah it really, really irks me.

same thing goes whenever i get hung up on decisions by people who like to answer with "see first", "see how", "tell you again" etc etc. i have to like hang my schedule up in the air while they slowly decide, geez.

example a
i was supposed to bring mother down for bowling in the evening, so i'd purposely woken up to have my dinner and get ready to go out. upon coming out of the bathroom however..

mother: so late liao, don't go la. (proceeds to continue stoning infront of tv)

me: ... *stunned into silence*

hello, at least you could've told me beforehand? i was intending to snooze a full 12 hours and hibernate the entire day thru, if not for the fact that she kept nagging at me to bring her bowling on her off day i.e. sunday. so what did i do? sleep 5 hours and wakeup. mind you, i was working on saturday night and played bball straight after that = sleep deprived.

mood = pissed.

example b
asks friend out for movie in evening, wanders around central while waiting for reply.

1 hr later - replies with some weird comment, yours truly sends query out again.
2 hrs later - no reply, waits with irritation.
nearly 3 hrs later - still no reply? geez, screw you. yours truly proceeds to watch show alone, heck.
3.5 hours later - message comes saying not watching, tired yada yada.

i'd expected that would happen; lucky i hadn't waited like an idiot all the way, bleh. would've missed the show in the end.

moral of the story?
maybe i should go bang my head against the wall and spare myself the irritation; wonder why i get so worked up over inconsequential stuff like this. but yeah, i've come up with a way to deal with all these ;p

my new theory of the day:

(image from maddox's site)

who gives a damn anyway? simply cannot be bothered =)

Saturday, October 09, 2004

i was walking out to the toilet just now, and some odd thoughts just occurred to me.

if you'd asked me ten years ago what i thought i'd be doing for a living when i was 23 yrs old, the reality of the current situation would've never occurred to me as a possibility even.

life, so unpredictable =) sometimes i find it amusing that i even got thru the interview and ended up here, laugh. however, reality is what i'm experiencing right now.

close to midnight, and i'm looking at two damn computer screens hoping that no disasters'll happen, while the night peacefully slips by. most interesting fact? i'm actually getting paid to do all these! so unbelieveable sometimes, when i pause and think of it.

kein's 3 core values ;p
pr was asking me last night if i tended towards being a pessimist or an optimist, and i automatically answered. "i think.. i'm a realist." but of course, that wasn't really answering her query. oops, off-topic ;p

but well, i always told myself to abide by my rules of life, and here they are:

- get thru life without too many firmly fixed goals; you can't get too disappointed if you don't expect too much. your goals will change eventually as time passes, so why get so bothered about them? actually, i'm tending towards drifting thru life like a boat without any sails, floating wherever the currents go. it's a pleasant existence =)

- always be mentally prepared for the worst i.e. shit happens attitude, but don't overdo it and keep expecting them to happen. being prepared allows you to remain calm when it happens and deal with the problem; the point isn't to become a total depressive who hides in a corner cringing at the thought of the entire damn world crashing in. you'll prob lose any joy in your existence jumping at all those unnecessary shadows =X

- live life the way you want it, not the way your parents or peers or whoever else want it, simply because that's the only existence worth living. you're living for yourself after all, not for others.

the first two principles somehow remind me of flowing water; able to adapt and adjust to any obstacles, any difficulties.. accepting and overcoming them eventually. the last one's core value is pure pig-headedness though ;p standing for what you want.

overcontemplative mood? grins, perhaps.

i'm reading this web called hoo-ah.net currently; it's about this guy who's really having a good life being a vp of some big company but decides to give it up and join the army instead so that he can join the special forces in protecting his country. really admire his ideals and passion :)

more to come when i'm bored..

saturday = bad night to work.
- always leaves me half-dead when i go for my sunday morning bball, since i don't have any time to sleep. come back from work, roti prata breakfast, bath n change n woohoo, 3hrs+ of bball here i come! as a result, i always snooze my way thru sunday as well. talk about burning the entire weekend.

- can't go out with the rest on saturday night =( qin called me just now during dinnertime, asking if i wanted to go out for a movie together.. but blehhhh. bad timing.

- working alone tonight is boring, to say the least. at least i could talk w/ pr or wk if we worked together at night.

looking forward to zm coming over in november man, at least we'll be able to work in twos from then on.

literally hibernated..
my way thru the entire day, crawling up at 330 p.m. to take a quick peek around the house before i concussed back into bed. and.. it was 5 p.m. when i finally decided to get up and have dinner heheh =X sleep is good, in the sense that it kills time and keeps me from going outside to spend money.

there was this interesting site ah fu sent me thru icq last night, and here's the url. i think i definitely belong to the intellectual whore described in the site haha =)

stan was telling me last night about xiaxue's recent blog entry and man.. her photoshop skills are good ;p like what stan said. go look at the photos where she tweaked her hair color and you'll understand.

according to netstat, my blog views seem to be increasing hmm. maybe i'm thinking too much. i'll rather more people read download n iam tandem ;p

night chat ;p
was talkin' w pr for a few hours last night during work on a few topics in general; work, life and relationships.

i'd shown her the intellectual whores website too, and she commented that the proportion that was money in the women's pie chart (in the ladder section) was too low ;p i concurred as well; singaporean ladies tend to equate money with security, and since the guys don't seem to be earning enough.. tada! no more marriages, no more babies. and don't forget, babies cost a fortune to raise =X

granted that guys tend towards being unfaithful when rich, and have various bad habits like smoking, gambling, drinking but well ;p i don't think the nice guys who have none of those bad habits will somehow make good boyfriend or husband material isn't it? a lot of my friends don't smoke, gamble and drink excessively, and can be counted on to be faithful to their other halves.. BUT. they're still single haha. goes to show those factors aren't really all that critical to the ladies.

i was telling her about my views on the typical single female's checklist for the perfect other half ;p the list would approach the horrendous length of approximately a metre long during her teens, and gradually shorten as her age increases. once the 30 year deadline draws ever nearer, the list gets shorter and shorter. good/bad? up to you to conclude, but then again i might be wrong eh?

and one other thing i've realised over the recent years: the female species seem to have serious issues about insecurity. worries about work, worries about boyfriend/hubby, worries about money, worries about relationship, worries about family.. yada yada. even someone as bochap as my mother tends to think about far-fetched and impossible scenarios, geez. like what i always quip to them..

"think too much liao..."

why worry so much about things that are out of your control man? life isn't a risk management game, it's supposed to be experienced and enjoyed while you still have a breath in your lungs. worrying may help you to prepare yourself for unexpected disasters, but leave your eyebrows creased on a permanent basis and take all the fun/joy out of life. life's already tough enough without you adding more 'what-ifs' and 'maybes' into it =) relax!

anddd.. stop.
alrite, time to get back to my hokkien mee =X i seem to have this bad habit of multitasking whenever i'm eating for some weird reason. more rubbish to come when i think of it.

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